Year One: Foundations

Foundations is our first-year program at Accelerate Bible Training College will provide biblical teaching and discussion groups to help students form a solid biblical foundation. Classes will be accompanied by regular times of worship and prayer to encourage deeper connection and intimacy with God. Together, these times of the Word and Spirit will bring transformation and lay a solid foundation from which to build life and ministry.

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Foundations Options

ABTC operates on an academic semester schedule, with a total of 5-6 classes per semester (block). Those who can’t commit to attending full-time can attend part-time as their schedule allows. We also offer open enrollment, so you can apply when you are ready.*

Our goal is to make ABTC available to as many people as possible, therefore we have the following options available:


Teaching sessions are offered online and Encounter nights are attended online via livesteam.


Teaching sessions are offered online, but Encounter nights must be attended in person on Thursday evenings.


Full-time students will complete 5-6 classes per block and will complete Foundations in an academic year.


Part-time students** will be able to take classes as their schedule allows. They can complete the entire program in as much time as they would like or enroll in a single class. 

*School of Missions and Ministry offers a full-time schedule only, and students must apply in time to start the program in September.
**Part-time attendance is Foundations only. Missions and Ministry is full-time only.

Encounter Nights

In addition to the teaching sessions, students will have regularly scheduled Encounter Nights* throughout their year at ABTC. Encounter Nights are a time when we focus on what the Holy Spirit is saying. We will spend time in prayer and worship. Encounter Nights will also include time for discussion around the current class subject.

Encounter Nights take place on fourteen select Thursday evenings across the school year from 7 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

*The prayer and worship portion of Encounter Nights is open to the public. Attendance is limited based on seating and is available on a first-come, first serve basis.

ABTC has given me a fresh revelation of God’s desire for His people and how we all have a purpose and a mission on this earth. ABTC has helped bring clarity as to where God is leading me next and the plan that He has for my life concerning ministry.

Lily Piechowski

Foundations Student

If you desire a deeper, confirming walk with Jesus, these classes will give you the firm foundation and help to answer questions that you may have when sharing Jesus with others.

Angela Roberts

ABTC Graduate

I recall a very challenging situation that we were going through, and the teaching we were getting in the Holy Spirit class was just what we needed at that time. I truly believe that every believer would benefit from going through a year of classes at ABTC, from new believers to long term members, staff, or lay leaders. That foundation in the Word will benefit them in every area of their lives. 

Rob Schrader

Foundations Student


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Foundations Class List

Believer’s Authority

As born-again Christians, God has seated us in a place of victory and authority in Christ. Through this class, students will learn what Biblical authority is and how to use it to overcome difficulties and challenges, enforce Satan’s defeat, and rule and reign in this life.

Biblical Foundations

Everyone’s life is built on a foundation of core beliefs. Those core beliefs guide decision-making and, ultimately, the decisions that determine our life’s direction. Jesus admonished us to build our lives upon the solid foundations of Scriptural Truth rather than the sinking sand of man’s reasoning, feelings, or intellect. In this class, students will be taught sound biblical doctrine to ensure a solid biblical foundation from which to build their lives.

Blood Covenant

This class is designed to give students insight into both the Old and New Testament Covenants. While maintaining an appreciation of the Old Covenant, students will discover the position they have in the new covenant and how to apply covenant principles to their lives in practical ways. Emphasis will be made on walking by faith, fellowshipping with God and how to relate and minister to people without legalism or sectarianism.

Christian Character

God’s plan is to show Himself to the world through His people. Not just in the things we say but in the way we live our everyday lives. Christians are to grow in Godly character by living lives aligned with the values and commands of Scripture. This is how we live a life of honor and obedience to God. In this class, we will define Godly character and the benefits associated with it. Students will also discover how to bring these values into relationships as they serve God, serve in their church, and serve the lost.


Faith is core to every part of our lives as Christians. It impacts how we approach God, how we receive from God, how we obey God, how we hear from God, and how we walk with God. This class will cover what faith is, how it is obtained, the basic elements of faith and how to use faith to accomplish the plan and purpose of God.

Financial Stewardship 

This class is designed to help students understand what Biblical prosperity includes and the importance of stewarding finances according to biblical truth. This study will include practical teachings on Biblical prosperity, tithes, offerings, our relationship to money, etc.

God’s Will to Heal  

This class will help build students’ faith to know it is God’s will to heal. To this end, we will learn about the character and nature of God around healing, His provision for healing, His willingness to heal, and how to receive healing from God.

How to Interpret the Bible

This subject will help students develop the skill of Bible interpretation. Students will look at an overview of the rules of Bible interpretation, which includes contextual, historical, cultural, and grammatical interpretation. Emphasis is also given to the role of the Holy Spirit in Bible interpretation and how to apply the scriptures correctly.

In Christ

When you became a Christian, the Bible declares you were translated into a new Kingdom – the Kingdom of God. There are benefits and responsibilities. This class is focused on helping students understand their new identity and how to function as New Creatures in Christ. Everything has become new, and through this class, you will discover who you are, what you have, and what you can do through Christ.

Love of God

The love of God is vital to the life of every Christian. In this class, students will discover not only God’s love for them but also God’s love in them, which is to flow through them to others. God’s love is to rule our lives. We will learn what the love of God is, how to walk in love and release that love to others.

Ministry of the Holy Spirit

Jesus is God’s gift to the world, but the Holy Spirit is God’s gift to the Church; therefore, we need to learn more about Him. This class will focus on the person of the Holy Spirit, so students can understand and value His present-day ministry and utilize His presence and help each day. We will explore the role of the Holy Spirit as defined in scripture, including how to be led by the Spirit of God.

Power of Words

Scripture clearly shows us our words are powerful and carry creative power. In fact, the Bible tells us they steer our lives like a rudder steers a ship. Through this study, we will learn about the impact of our words and how to change the words of our mouths to align with the will of God to see His plan accomplished in our lives and through our lives.


Knowing you are righteous in Christ is key to approaching God with boldness and confidence. It is also key to receiving the manifestation of God’s promises in your life. This class will focus on building students’ faith in the finished work of Christ, which includes making us the righteousness of God in Christ. We were sinners saved by grace, but now we are the righteousness of God in Christ.

Spiritual Growth

Every Christian is born into God’s family as a spiritual baby in Christ and is expected to grow up and mature. Spiritual growth is God’s plan for your life! This is not automatic. It happens when we are intentional about growth. In this class, we will discuss the characteristics of spiritual babies, adolescents, and mature Christians and what we need to do to grow. Emphasis will include making God’s Word (the Bible) our final authority, transforming our beliefs and thoughts, and using our faith to be doers of the Word of God.

Supernatural Ministry of Helps

The Ministry of Helps is a legitimate ‘office’ and supernatural call and as such is vital to the building of the Church and the fulfillment of the Great Commission. In this class students will gain a clearer understanding of the importance of the ‘helps’ ministry within the context of the local church, and how this ministry provides both practical and spiritual support for churches to be healthy and effective in fulfilling their God-given assignments. Important areas of supportive ministry will also be identified and defined to help equip students for mission and church planting efforts as well as to serve well in their local congregations.

Understanding Grace  

There are many aspects to the grace of God, and it is important to know and understand how each pertains to the Body of Christ. This class will cover what grace is, and what grace is not. It will also touch on different types of grace with an emphasis on saving grace as well as the role of faith in accessing the grace of God.

Why the Church?

According to scripture, the Body of Christ is known on earth as the Universal Church.  But the Universal Church finds its greatest expression and impact through the local church. It is within the setting of the local church that Christians grow spiritually as they feed on God’s Word together and learn to work together in love for a cause bigger than themselves. In this class, students will gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the vital role of the local church and its importance to God’s plan on earth and the life of every Christian.


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Foundations Tuition and Fees

We believe ABTC will be one of the most substantial and important investments you will make in your life, so our goal is to make ABTC both affordable and accessible.




Class sessions and materials are included in your tuition, but students must purchase textbooks. Upon starting at ABTC, students will be provided with a list of required books.

Tuition and fees are subject to change each year.